OSOS Exhibit at the Massachusetts Orchid Society Show 2013
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osos exhibit mos 2013
OSOS exhibit at the Massachusetts Orchid Society Show 2013. All Photos by Dena J.

'Phal. Sogo Yukidian', grown by Jurate Calise

The OSOS won the "De Rosa Award for Artistic Design" 2nd year in a row.

OSOS vanda mos
V. Pakchong Blue 1st, grown by Bill Steinhart


Jurate Calise : Paph. Toni Semple 3rd., Paph. Macabre Contrasts 3rd., Phal. Krull's Butterfly'Allison' Am/AOS 1st., Phal.Hy. 'janice Dubois' 1st., Mtssa Charles M Fitch 'Izumi' AM/AMOS 2nd, Odcdm. Wildcat 'Green Valley' 3rd.

Kathy Dunstan: Zygo. Blackii 'Kathy' HCC/AOS 3rd, Bllra. Wine Spots 'New Star' 3rd.,Mtdm. (onc) pacific Sunrise "Hakalau' 3rd.

Deb Kelsey: Oncid. Volcano Hula Halau two 2nds, Onc. Tsiku Marguerite '#2' 3rd, Den. Fulham Kulapana 1st & 2nd, Oncid.

Bill Steinhart: C (Blc) pieces of Eight x Lc Mary Ellen Carter 'Dixie Hummingbird' 3rd, Pot. Lakeland 'Britt' HCC/AOS 2nd., Ascf. twinkle x Neof falcata 2nd, Dend. Thongchai 'Lai' 3rd., cut flower, V. Pakchong Blue 1st.