Ocean State Orchid Society Lending Library

There are various media available for borrowing from OSOS. They include AOS Orchid Magazines from 2000 to the present, some books and a video. Currently Susan Goggin has these materials. She will bring all or some of these materials to monthly meetings. If you would like to borrow any of these materials, you can do so at a meeting or contact Susan ahead of time to reserve the item you would like to borrow. She can be reached at (401) 884-2332 or sjgoggin18@msn.com .   A list of the materials and their contents are here for you to review.

Media Date Subjects/Name
AOS Orchid Magazine 2000 March Cattleya schroederae; trichocentrum; Lindleyana Journal 15th year; African Affinities part 2; Plant Growth Regulators
AOS Orchid Magazine 2000 April Fragrant Orchids; Cymbidiums Galore; African Affinities part 3; Chemical-free insect control in greenhouse
AOS Orchid Magazine 2000 May Paphiopedilum Culture; Bog orchid rescue; brassavola acaulis; How I Grow Orchids-essay
AOS Orchid Magazine 2000 June 1st class certificates of 1999; orchid collection in Swiss Alps; Small-Scale Beauties--Vanda gems of modest size; Cattleya warneri
AOS Orchid Magazine 2000 July Disas; Growing Disas using hydroponics; Amazing Minicatts; Growing orchids in Hollywood Hills; Trizeuxis
AOS Orchid Magazine 2001 March Miltoniopsis Breeding in Hawaii; Hybridizing lesser-known Vandas; Cattleya mendelii; Clonal multiplication
AOS Orchid Magazine 2001 May Hybridizing lesser-known Vandas part 3; Orchid propagation-essay; Orchid Tourist--guide to int'l orchid collections
AOS Orchid Magazine 2001 June Oncidium Golden Sunset; Cattleya gaskelliana; Growing Vandas and Ascocendas; Orchids in Netherlands; New Dracula from Costa Rica
AOS Orchid Magazine 2001 July (2) Genus Hemipilia; Zeuxine strateumatica; Calanthe sinica; Lesson in horticultural botany
AOS Orchid Magazine 2001 August Hybridizing lesser-known Vandas part 4; Microterangis hariotiana; Name changes in Oncidiinae; Impatiens Necrotic Spot Virus in Oncidium; New Cycnoches from Peru; Two Sobralias; Protecting Orchids from Cold; When Disaster Strikes-How J&L Orchids saved a greenhouse; Keith Shaffer-orchid visionary; Keeping Orchids Cool
AOS Orchid Magazine 2001 September First class certificates of 2000; Cattleya jenmanii; Visit to Orchidwoods; Home at last--hobbyist begins new orchid collection; Profiles in Orchid History-Jones and Scully
AOS Orchid Magazine 2001 October Hybridizing with lesser-known Vandas part 5; Kyle, Grandson of Ugly Duckling Forbesii, Makes Good; Orchid history-Mary Noble McQuerry
AOS Orchid Magazine 2001 November Cycnoches barthiorum; Orchids under lights; Sarcanthine Genera 26-Malleola; Checking Orchid hybrid's background; propagating orchids
AOS Orchid Magazine 2002 January (2) Paphiopedilum Rolfei and its hybrids; Cypripedium montanum and Cypripedium parviflorum; Saving the Orchids of Trinidad and Tobago; Ancistrochilum thomsonianus
AOS Orchid Magazine 2002 February (2) Cochlioda; New Colombian Orchids; Potting Orchids; Growing media; Calopogon tuberosus
AOS Orchid Magazine 2002 March Orchids in Landscape; Cattleya lawrenceana; Phragmipediums; Habenaria xanthocheila
AOS Orchid Magazine 2002 April (2) Everglades National Park-native orchids; Sigmatostalix-new species; Oncidium sphacelatum
AOS Orchid Magazine 2002 June Cattleya eldorado; Species rule;Venezuela epiphytic orchids adapt to terrestrial environment; Orchid flora in Canada's wilds; Review of new orchid science; Night-fragrant orchids; Hybrid orchid names; Encyclia chiapasensis
AOS Orchid Magazine 2002 July Summer Color-miniature and compact orchids in bloom; New Peruvian orchids; Phragmipedium peruvianum; Creating vanilla in Hawaii; Urea-nitrogen for phalaenopsis
AOS Orchid Magazine 2002 August Orchidology in Tasmania; Vandaceous Celebration; Three orchids from Machu Picchu; Holding Orchids in place-alternative to rhizome clips; Odontoglossums part 8; DNA fingerprinting-new method for plant identification
AOS Orchid Magazine 2002 September 2002 NY Int'l Orchid Show; OrchidJunkies of NY; Growing a champion-Miltonia Rouge 'Akatsuka'; Cattleya bowringiana; Chrysocycnis
AOS Orchid Magazine 2002 October (2) Floral Odor and Insect Olfaction-orchid pollination; Spiranthes brevilabris-reintroduction to native habitats in Florida; Oncidium insigne; Cycnoches schmidtianum
AOS Orchid Magazine 2002 November (2) Three Sobralias new to Peru; Cattleya violacea; Ornithocephalus montealegreae from Costa Rica; Artificial light for orchids
AOS Orchid Magazine 2002 December Pleione grandiflora; Pleione formosana; Maxillaries from Colombia & Ecuador; Cypripedium Hybrids; Trichoglottis acutifolia; Edible orchids
AOS Orchid Magazine 2003 February Ascocentrum curvifolium Hybrids; Whiteflies and their control; Cattleya Breeding Trends; Telipogons-New to Panama; Genus Cischweinfia-miniature Oncidium relatives
AOS Orchid Magazine 2003 March Brassias; Leafless Orchid Species- Ghost orchid; Masdevalias; Phragmipedium richteri; Ascocentrum ampullaceum hybrids; peanut potting
AOS Orchid Magazine 2003 August Greenhouse growing; Dendrobium pentapterum; Stanhopeas; Phrag. Besseae & hybrides; Vanda Alliance Pt. 2; Orchid viruses
AOS Orchid Magazine 2003 October Sturdy-flowered Phalaenopsis; Vanda hybrids; show displays; Roy Fukumura; Pleurothallis pterophora: Phragmipedium Besseae hybrids
AOS Orchid Magazine 2003 November Stenorrhynchos speciosum; Blogging; Staking techniques; Rescue Centers; Miniature Orchid species; Masdevallia veitchiana; Oeceoclades monophylla; Brassavola hybrids; Botrytis
AOS Orchid Magazine 2004 April Doritaenopsis; Yellow-toned Cattleya hybrids; Repotting Cymbidiums; New Paphiopedilums; Lubber Grasshoppers; New Species-Cypropedium xherae
AOS Orchid Magazine 2004 May Ecuadorian Orchids; Sophronitis culture; Weed control; Dendrobium cuthbertsonii; Brassia Hybrids; Novel way to mount orchids; Leaching-a practice for growing quality plants; Bark and water molds
AOS Orchid Magazine 2004 June Winners of 2003 FCCs; Neem Oil; Potting Mix ingredients; Rossioglossum grande; Masdevallias; Cattleya iricolor; Maxillaria luteo grandiflora
AOS Orchid Magazine 2004 July Australian Orchids Indoors; Renanthera vietnamensis; Mounting orchids; Heat stress; Epidendrum parkinsonianum; Florida's Roadside Orchids; Oncidium fuscatum Hybrids
AOS Orchid Magazine 2005 Cumulative Index
AOS Orchid Magazine 2005 January Ascocentrum Culture; Miltoniopsis vexillaria; Breeding Cymbidiums for warmer climates; Cirrhopetalums
AOS Orchid Magazine 2005 April Cattleyas amethystoglossa; Orchid-fungal relationships; Warmingia; Repotting; Phragmipedium kovachii; masdevallia decumana
AOS Orchid Magazine 2005 May 2004 FCCs Winners; Epidendrums; Breeding for Blue Flowers; Peloric Flowers; Harlequin phalaenopsis; Monstrous orchids
AOS Orchid Magazine 2005 June (2) Vandaceous Choices; Cymbidium goeringii; Paphiopedilums; Dendrobiums; Cattleya araguaiensis-Pinocchio orchid; Promenaea guttata
AOS Orchid Magazine 2005 July (2) Santa Barbara Orchid Show; Container Choices; Laelia anceps in Mexico; Watering; Genus Scelochilus; Summering Orchids Outdoors
AOS Orchid Magazine 2005 August Odontoglossum hybrids; Cattleya intermedia; Fertilizers; Brassias; Trichoglottis
AOS Orchid Magazine 2005 September Review of Large-Flowered Cattleyas; Costa Rican Dichaeas; Carria; Vanda culture; Renanthera imschootiana; Trichoglottis rosea/latisepala
AOS Orchid Magazine 2005 November Orchids in Madagascar; Rainforest Window; Pest Prevention; Oncidiums; Sophrolaeliocattleyas; Safeguard orchids in greenhouse in winter
AOS Orchid Magazine 2006 January Orchids in Costa Rica; Staking orchids; Fragrant orchids; Bamboo shade house; Managing your collection
AOS Orchid Magazine 2006 February Broughtonia hybrids; Windowsills; Orchids of Costa Rica Pt. 2; Maxillaria tenuifolia
AOS Orchid Magazine 2006 March Slipper orchid culture; Easy Orchids; Trichopilias; Orchids of Costa Rica Pt. 3; Laeliocattleya ophir
AOS Orchid Magazine 2006 April (2) Hybrid Cattleyas; Masdevallia coccinea; Garden Orchids; Hummingbirds; Orchids of Costa Rica Pt. 4; Hobby Greenhouses
AOS Orchid Magazine 2006 May Native orchids; Potting techniques; Ecuadorian natives; Vegetative propagation; Holcoglossum flavescens
AOS Orchid Magazine 2006 June Cattleya hardyana; Summer orchids; Paphiopedilum x cribbii; Cynorkis gibbosa
AOS Orchid Magazine 2006 July Orchid Hybrids; Spotted Cattleyas; Flower Arrangements; Seed Sowing; Acacallis cyanea; Acineta and Lacaene; Microepidendrum
AOS Orchid Magazine 2006 August Green orchids; Sobralias for color; Pescatoria cerina; Pleurothallis gargantua; USDA Orchid Statistics; Orchids of Cuba
AOS Orchid Magazine 2006 September Cattleyas; Oncidiums; New Sigmatostalix; Encyclia from Cuba; H. patterson & Sons; Mascillaria nardoides; Cattleye dowiana
AOS Orchid Magazine 2006 October (2) Ghost Orchids; Cypripediums in China; Chelsea Flower Show; Haraella retrocalla; Bengsai Garden
AOS Orchid Magazine 2006 November Favorite Dendrobiums; Ordhics on Isla del Coco; hybridizing; Cypripedium conservation; Hydroponics
AOS Orchid Magazine 2006 December Chinese Cypripedium; Containers; Vanilla; Pollination; Dendrobium aberrans; Moving Orchids; 10 awarded Orchids
AOS Orchid Magazine 2007 January Blue Cattleyas; Cyrtochilum macranthum; Phal. Culture Pt. 1; Dungsia; Phaius; AOS Archives
AOS Orchid Magazine 2007 February Dracula hirtzii; Phal culture Pt. 2; Brazilian bulbophyllums; Alatiglossum; Chinese Cypripediums Pt. 3; Judging orchids; Shade house; Spain's native orchids
AOS Orchid Magazine 2007 March Prosthecheas; Phal. Culture Pt. 3; Vietnamese Paphiopedilum; Natural hybrids; Cohniellas; 12 Suggestions for Beginners; Dinema & Nidema; Lager & Hurrell
AOS Orchid Magazine 2007 April (2) Cuitlauzina pendula; Spring-flowering Cattleya species; Chinese Cypripediums; Phalaenopsis culture; Coelogyne speciosa; Small-growing orchids
AOS Orchid Magazine 2007 May (2) Moving Orchids; Trichopilias; Wardian cases; Growing Catasetums (Cycnoches); Angraecum longicalcar; FCCs 2006; Orchid Show Exhibits
AOS Orchid Magazine 2007 June Art-Share Orchids; Miniature Cattleyas; Aspidogyne mystacina; Maxillaria; Orchid Bees; Cypripediums in China pt. 5; What Orchid Society Members Do
AOS Orchid Magazine 2007 July Oncidium leucochilum; Afircan Orchids; Fuqua Orchid Center; Draconanthes; Kefersteinia; Stanhopeinae; Disas
AOS Orchid Magazine 2007 August Taiwan Orchid Show; Senor Endrea; Volunteering; Orchids in Desert; Coppensia; Grammatophyllum; Angraecum scottianum
AOS Orchid Magazine 2007 September (2) New Sobralias; Chinese Cypripediums Pt. 6; Greenhouse Culture; Acronia; Hints & Tips; Platanthera-New Orchid.
AOS Orchid Magazine 2007 October (2) Masdevallia coccinea; Mrs. W. K. du Pont; Dendrobiums; Brasiliorchis; Pecteilis; Odontoglossum cirrhosum; Basement Greenhouse
AOS Orchid Magazine 2007 November Phragmipedium kovachii (Glen Decker); Chinese cypropediums Pt. 7; Orchid History; Tolumnia gundlaciu; Regalias; Antillanorchis .
AOS Orchid Magazine 2007 December Sobralia Culture; Australian Orchids; Brazilian bulbophyllums; Brachionidium; Fragrance Judging; Growing Under Lights
AOS Orchid Magazine 2008 January Frank Smith's Orchids; 2006 Judging Awards; Florida's Native Orchids; Cyrtopodium punctatum; Ancistrochilus
AOS Orchid Magazine 2008 February Chinese Cypripedium Pt. 8; Light Systems; Conservation; Cattleya lueddemanniana; Angela Mirro's Paintings; Orchid Growing 201; Orchids Across the Millennia
AOS Orchid Magazine 2008 March 19th World Orchid Conference; Masdevallia coccinea; The Pradhans; Laelia grandis; Paphiopedilum Natural Hybrids; Huntleya; White Phalaenopsis Ringspots
AOS Orchid Magazine 2008 April Cattleya Guttata; Arpophyllum; Masdevallia veitchiana; Orchid Conservation; Harling's Orchid; Phymatidium falcifolium; Andean Research Center; Potting Mixes; Light Garden; Surviving Disasters
AOS Orchid Magazine 2008 May Bifrenarias; Bletilla Species and Hybrids; Testing for Virus; Pseudolaelia; Principles of Light; Stanhopea; Recognizing Excellence; Grand Lady-Colombia's Queen of the Orchids; Betillas in Cultivation; Specklinia gelida
AOS Orchid Magazine 2008 June FCCs of 2007; Orchids of Turkey; Cynorkis; Stanhopea tigrina; Summer Care; Epidendrums; Orchids at the Flower Fields
AOS Orchid Magazine 2008 July Growing Cattleyas; Erasanthe henrici; Chinese Cypripediums Pt. 9; Dendrobium parishii; Soaps and Detergents; Seeing the Light--Proper Exposure; Orchid Summer Care; 2008 Japan Grand Prix Orchid Festival; History of Siegward & Slotter Orchid Growers
AOS Orchid Magazine 2008 August Orchids in Taiwan; Henry Wallbrunn; Under-Lights Growing (Orchids in Basement Pt. 1); How to Buy Orchids; Summer Phalaenopsis Species; Grobya
AOS Orchid Magazine 2008 September Miltonias; Cattleya labiata; Spathoglottis Hybrids; Orchids in Mexico; Plant Raffles; Viruses; Anacheilium; Orchids in Basement Pt. 2; What to look for when buying an orchid plant; Watering
AOS Orchid Magazine 2008 October Native Orchids Conference; Seed Banks; Under Lights; Growing Anguloas; Florida's Maxillarias; Potting; Thermal Dynamics; Basement Greenhouse; Otoglossum chiriquense; Isaias Rolando MD
AOS Orchid Magazine 2008 November Medellin Orchid Show; Terrariums; Ecuador Field Trip; Cattleya Conditions; Autumn-flower Pleiones; Miniature Angreacoids; A Review of Monocots 4
AOS Orchid Magazine 2008 December Hybridiging Spathoglottis; Award-Winning Specimens; True Laelias; Name Change in Oncidiinae; Mounted Orchids in a Condo
AOS Orchid Magazine 2009 January Psychopsis; Cadetia; Asian Species Survival; Robert H. Gore; Amerorchis rotundifolia; Tale of Two Dendrobiums
AOS Orchid Magazine 2009 February Reading the Leaves; Maxillaria; Phalaenopsis gibbosa; Singapore Surprise-2011 Orchid Conference; Ada Menezesiella
AOS Orchid Magazine 2009 March Popular Acclaim--11 Orchids recognized by judges; Cochleanthes; Ponthievia tonguraguae; Orchids of France; Bill Bartlett; Madagascan Cynorkis; Phragmipedium mangurii
AOS Orchid Magazine 2009 April Tereta-leaved Orchids; Bird Pollinated Dendrobiums; Cryptochilus sanguineus; 2007 AOS special judging award winners; Quest for Perfection--Miltoniopsis & Pleurothallids; award-winning plants grown by Elle Ronis; Oncidiinae nomenclature--generic changes; Hidalgo Ladies Tresses-rediscovered after 75 years; Samarorchis
AOS Orchid Magazine 2009 May Choosing Orchids that offer Flowers Galore; Rossioglossum; Dencrochilum cootesii; Orchids in the Big Easy; Cypripediums in China Pt. 10; Orchids Grown for Foliage; AOS awarded plants; Cypripedium acaule
AOS Orchid Magazine 2009 June Tips for Buying Orchids on e-Bay; Favorite Epidendrums; Dendrobium longicornu; 2008 FCC Winners; Growing for Awards; John Hope Franklin; Dance of the Cattleyas; Chondrorhyncha
AOS Orchid Magazine 2009 July Virus; Brassavolas; Trichoncentrum pulchrum; Ghost Orchid; Taiwan Orchid Show 2009; Phalaenopsis Paradise; Isotria medeoloides
AOS Orchid Magazine 2009 August Lips Sweeter Than Wine; Aetanthes; Denbrobium jenkinsii; How to Grow Vandas; Cooler growing Coelogynes; Leptotes bicolor; Cleistesiopsis; Hunting Wild Orchids in Southwestern Nova Scotia
AOS Orchid Magazine 2009 September Multiplication by Division; Dimorphorchis; Schoenorchis juncifolia; Cypripediums in the Garden; phragmipedium caudatum; Mystacidium capense; orchids in LA City Arboretum; Saving Cattleya quadricolor; Nohawilliamsia
Book 1968 You can Grow Cattleya Orchids by Mary Noble
Book 1972 How to Grow Orchids-A Sunset Book
Magazine 2008-1st qtr. Phalaenopsis/Journal of Int'l Phal. Alliance; Phal nutrition; a new amabilis; Mesophyll cell collapse
Book Your First Orchid; Stephen R. Batchelor
Book Donated-Susan Goggin Practical Encyclopedia Of Orchids; A Complete Guide to Orchids and Their Cultivation by Brian and Wilma Rittershausen
Video Donated-Mary Iarussi Obsession with Orchids
Orchid Digest 2009: Oct.-Dec. Breeding with recently described Vietnamense Paphiopedilums; Phragmipedium kovachii Hybrids; Paphiopedilum Crystelle; Cypripedium subtropicum; New Perspectives on Novelty Slippers; Illustrated history of Paphiopedilum purpuratum; Five Generations of Hybridizing Brachypetalum and Parvisepalum Species; History of the Paphiopedilum Guild; Cyps in the East; Slipper Orchid Alliance