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Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018
1:00 pm

Orchid Fragrances - not fragrant orchids

Speaker: Harold Hills, Ph.D.
Dr. Harold Hills, who has been studying orchid fragrances for 30 years, will present a general overview of how fragrances are collected and analyzed. He will explain when fragrances are produced and how they change over the course of the day and during the life of the inflorescence. We will also learn how changes in photoperiods, the length of time orchids are exposed to light and darkness, affect fragrance.

No plants will be offered for sale at this meeting.

Rocky Hill Grange
1340 South County Trail
Rte. 2
East Greenwich, RI
(Enter through door in rear of building)


The purpose of the Society is to create, promote, develop and preserve a group dedicated to the education and enjoyment of all aspects of orchids.

At each monthly meeting we have a 'Grow and Show' table to display and discuss orchids grown by our members. We also have a 'Slow Plant' clinic for those orchids requiring culture information. Guests are always welcome at our meetings. If you would like to become a member please visit our membership page. Visit the calendar page to see what's up this month!

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